Lift kits bring a host of benefits, enhancing customization and overall vehicle performance. It’s important to evaluate your individual requirements and preferences when choosing between a body lift or suspension lift. Consider the potential impacts on warranty, fuel economy, and driving dynamics to make an informed decision.

Whether you seek increased height, enhanced off-road capabilities, or a distinctive appearance, lift kits provide a versatile solution. At Logan Tire Service, we offer the top lift kit brands with a variety of options, offering endless combinations to ensure your ride reflects your personality and meets your primary goals.

Explore the possibilities and elevate your drive with Logan Tire Service.  Contact our shop to discover the perfect lift kit for your ride.


Key Advantages of Lift Kits

View: Enjoy an unparalleled view from a lifted truck, providing a birds-eye perspective for better road hazard visibility, improved driving safety, and enhanced confidence. The elevated position also makes your vehicle more noticeable on the road, reducing collision risks.

Access to Underbody: The increased clearance facilitates easier access to the vehicle’s undercarriage, aiding in inspections and maintenance. Off-road enthusiasts benefit from convenient post-adventure checks for potential damage, reducing reliance on jacks for undercarriage access.

Improved Ground Clearance: Lift kits provide additional ground clearance, allowing you to easily navigate obstacles such as rocks, logs, and speed bumps. Whether off-road or on the street, a lifted truck minimizes the hassle of encountering impediments.


Towing: While lifting doesn’t significantly impact towing capacity, the added clearance ensures a lifted truck is less likely to bottom out while towing or hauling heavy loads. A lifted truck may require a drop trailer hitch to accommodate the increased height.

Larger Tires: Lifted trucks can accommodate larger, all-terrain tires, providing increased traction and control on unpaved trails. These tires offer better performance in challenging conditions like snow and ice due to their aggressive groove pattern.

Resale Value: While appealing to a specific set of buyers, a lift kit may limit overall market appeal. However, for those seeking an off-road-ready vehicle, a well-done lift can increase a truck’s profile, especially when marketed to the right audience through off-road-specific channels.

Looks: A lifted truck displays an impressive appearance, featuring an imposing silhouette that appeals to many drivers. While aesthetics may not be the top priority for truck owners, the elevated look adds a cool factor to the driving experience.


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