Your vehicle should maintain a steady course, but if it veers off track, various factors could be at play — some more serious than others. Pinpointing the exact cause isn’t always straightforward, as issues with tires, wheel balance, and other components may contribute to the drift.

Constantly correcting your steering to keep your car straight not only proves inconvenient but also poses a safety risk. Our expert auto mechanics are equipped to diagnose and resolve such concerns efficiently, ensuring your focus remains on safe driving.

Here are some common reasons why your car may pull to one side:

Wheel Alignment: Misaligned wheels, often caused by road conditions or impacts, can lead to uneven tire wear and steering issues. Regular alignment checks and adjustments are essential for optimal performance.

Tire Condition: Uneven tire wear or improper inflation can result in drifting. Routine tire maintenance, including rotation, helps ensure even wear patterns and proper handling.

Braking System: Damaged brake components or worn pads/rotors may cause pulling during braking. Proper brake maintenance is crucial for consistent stopping power and control.

Suspension Problems: Faulty suspension components can cause one side of the car to pull, compromising handling and safety. Prompt attention to suspension issues is vital for a smooth, stable ride.

Our skilled technicians at Woods Tire & Auto specialize in diagnosing and resolving pulling issues, safeguarding your safety, and driving experience. Addressing concerns early can prevent further damage and costly repairs down the road. Trust us to keep your vehicle performing at its best.