Summer beckons for adventures on the open road with loved ones or solo explorations. However, ensuring a smooth journey requires thorough preparation. From conducting a pre-trip vehicle inspection to equipping yourself for unexpected roadside events, the team at Woods Tire Pros & Auto Service has compiled essential steps to get you ready before you embark on your summer road trip. 

Check Your Spare Tire

Always verify the condition and inflation of your spare tire before hitting the road. Over time, tires can deflate, and overlooking this critical component could lead to complications during your travels.

Equip a Roadside Emergency Kit

Be proactive by stowing a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle, ensuring you’re equipped for any unforeseen circumstances. These kits, readily available at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or Costco, typically include essentials such as jumper cables and road flares.

Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection

Visit us for a comprehensive pre-trip inspection to assess specific components of your vehicle and address any potential issues before departure. Our inspection covers vital areas including tire pressure, car battery, fluids, and wiper blades.

As you embark on your summer adventures, we wish you safe travels and invite you to rely on our team to keep you rolling smoothly along the way.